Saturday, June 24, 2006

Please help the Innocent & Helpless in China

I have made this blog to bring attention to the abhorrent trade in DOG & CAT fur in China.

I wanted my original blog to be simply a few pages and posts about the things I am interested in and love but felt that, as a dog and cat owner I could NOT ignore this upsetting subject. I have therefore helped a friend publish this new blog which is soley about this REPULSIVE EVIL trade.

The above picture shows a Parka type coat with real Dog fur trim, it was one of thousands being sold in the United States before the ban was put in place. Thanks go to Myr and her site for use of the photograph showing the fur trim jacket and Gary for the use of some of his pictures. Only by speaking out, showing our outrage, signing the petition and posting on our sites to let people know what is going on will we make a difference.

Please help these dogs and cats now...

This is an A5 Flyer I have made, please feel free to copy and print it for your own use.


We human beings are very good at closing our eyes to the things that upset us, we think that if we ignore it that it will go away. This is not the case, this will never stop until we collectively do something proactive to put pressure on this evil country to cease this VILE PRACTICE.

Dog and cat fur trading has been banned in the United States since 2000. Denmark, Greece and Italy have banned it also. Recent undercover footage revealed that the farming and skinning of dogs and cats is being carried out in the Czech Republic, a member of the EU. Dog and cat fur can be found on sale in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. There is no doubt that it is on sale throughout the UK.

The Pope has spoken of his sadness at this cruelty to animals and Heather Mills McCartney has waded through hours of vile footage and made a documentary for the BBC about it.

"What makes us "better" than the Chinese in this matter is that we have laws in place that at the very least seek to stop this kind of animal abuse.When a person motivated by money can skin a dog or cat alive while they writhe and kick and scream in agony, or a family can raise cats only to kill them for fur is when I have absolutely no problem calling them inferior & barbaric". There is a great deal of difference between humane euthanization and stepping on an animals throat to stop it from moving so you can get a clean cut on their skin.There should be laws against these animals being alive while it is happening, but since we are talking about a communist state that has little regard for humans, why should we be shocked that they engage in these evil practices?

My advice to people who care is to boycott the Beijing Olympics in 2008, don't even watch it on TV, if you can;contact the organisers and sponsors, tell them what goes on in China, and; visit here to sign the online petition because you CAN make a difference.

Please help these dogs and cats now...


Show your support and your outrage at this barbaric cruelty.

Support the A.L.F


Protect these animals rights, be their voice, show them you care and are outraged then their deaths will not have been in vain.